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Course Outline

We offer SCUBA diving courses through 4 different internationally recognized diving agencies and have an unblemished record for safe diving. We’ve trained 1000’s of recreational Scuba Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and Master Divers. We also offer superior, unrivaled leadership training for Dive-masters, Instructors.

Our Open Water SCUBA diving courses are internationally recognized SCUBA qualifications, allowing you to dive up to 18m, anywhere in the world.

An open water diving course usually runs over 3 days depending on your progression through the training and comfort in the water – this need not run over consecutive days, it can be done over weekends and we are flexible with training schedules. If however you wish to do over 4 consecutive days, we can do so for you, weather-permitting for the open water dives.

There are 4 sessions with approximate time needed as follows:

Session 1 – E-learning modules – done at home, prior to commencement at Absolutely SCUBA – includes online exam - ±10 hours

Session 2 – Summary review of e-learning lectures, dry work, confined water training – heated indoor pool workshops - ±6 hours

Session 3 – Open water training (Open water skin dive/ snorkel SCUBA dives 1 & 2) - ±4 hours

Session 4 - Open water training (SCUBA dives 3 & 4) ±4 hours

The open water course includes the following:


  • The course includes online – e-learning training materials and a manual logbook (online logbook under development – to be released October 2019);

  • “Academic” workshop – reviews of training materials;

  • Gear workshops;·

  • Confined water heated pool training workshops;

  • Ocean open water training dives;·

  • Use of full SCUBA equipment, cylinders and air fills during training;·

  • Registration fees and access to online portal and E-card via mobile app;·  

Please Note:

  • You may also request a Certificate at an additional cost of R100.00* 
  • You will be required to complete the course within 12 months from commencement of training.
  • You cannot extend beyond a 6 month period between “water” sessions or you will need to pay extra for a “refresher pool session at R250.00* per session.

* Prices subject to change without notice.