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We are a NAUI dive centre located on the coast of South Africa situated in Mossel Bay, the heart and activity hub of the Garden Route. Keen to learn diving? Contact us!

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Ask Any of Our Team for Assistance

An introduction to Scuba! Learn the basic science and skills of SCUBA, practice in a pool, then jump right into the ocean and EXPLORE! Approx - 3 hours

A 1-on-1 personal experience with a qualified SCUBA Instructor. After learning the basics, jump straight into the ocean! Approx -1 hour

A comprehensive certification scuba course teaching all the theory and skills you need to dive all around the world! Duration - 4 days

Become a better diver, upgrade from Open Water to Advanced - learn more about different diving environments and develop and expand your scuba skills, dive deeper, from a boat, at night and many other specialities. Duration - 4 days

Learn to manage risk and effectively handle and assist fellow divers in diving emergencies. Duration - 4 days (includes Basic First aid and CPR)

An extended introduction to Scuba, learning skills and hovering inside a pool. Approx ~ 2 hrs

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Dive Menu - Dives

Ask Any of Our Team for Assistance

Our protected 'house' reef - schools of a variety of fish, soft corals and sea grasses, frequent sightings of 'shy sharks', giant cat-faced and yellow belly rock cods, seals. Max depth 7m - walk-in entry - 40-50min dive time - max depth 7m

A beautiful reef with a wide variety of fish, pansy shells and soft corals, frequent sightings of octopi, nudibranchs, crabs etc. Max depth 8m - surf entry - 40-50min dive time - max depth 9m

We've a host of beautiful reefs we love to explore, inside and outside the bay. We decide where best to dive based on the conditions of the day. Outside the Bay reefs include Phluffy (max 18m) , Stirwin's (max 22m) , Roxi's (max 25m) Windvogel (max 32m), Inside the bay (max 9m) - Mitch, Da Lacey, Roman Alley, Butterfly.

Snorkeling Menu

Dive Menu - Snorkeling

Ask Any of Our Team for Assistance

Explore our 'house reef' from the surface with a snorkel guide - quick tutorial provided for those who've not snorkeled before.

Explore our 'house reef' from the surface with a snorkel guide - quick tutorial provided for those who've not snorkeled before.

Summertime is mer-swimming with a monofin time! Enjoy some of our beautiful ocean reefs in a unique and graceful way... max depth 3m

Gear Hiring Menu

Gear Hire Menu

Ask Any of Our Team for Assistance
  • Full SCUBA Set & Soft Gear

    R 375

  • SCUBA Hard Gear Set

    R 275

  • BCD & Reg Only

    R 160

  • Cylinder and Weight Belt

    R 120

  • Mask, Snorkel & Fins

    R 140

  • Single Items (Wetsuit, fins etc)

    R 70

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About Absolutely Scuba

Professional Dive Charter and Training Centre

Electrodive has been training Divers and Dive Professionals since 1985. Ken Walmsley founded the business 35 years ago and continues to drive a proud tradition of continuous improvement and excellence, a proven and unblemished track record for dive safety through education, high standards, without incident. Join us and explore our magnificent coastline and reefs with our selection of Dive Tours.

As a NAUI affiliate, we train all the way from Open Water Scuba divers to Instructor Trainers, including our Career Development Program ideal for candidates wishing for a career in SCUBA.

Absolutely Scuba maintains a well-stocked, competitively-priced dive shop, stocked with all the essentials, and a few novelties for diving, snorkelling gear and underwater hockey. Ee offer the widest range of SCUBA and Spearfishing equipment in the Garden Route, as well as gear servicing and repairs. We are agents for some of the top diving brands including Aqualung, Coral, Cressi, Mares, Tusa, Oceanic, Poseidon, Reef, Scubapro, as well as IST, Divetek, EZ Life, Saekodive, amongst others.

Absolutely Scuba

Professional Dive Charter and Training Centre

Diving in Mossel Bay is a rare gem known to few... It is largely seasonal, with its peak in the mid-summer months when tropical and game fish stream to our waters in abundance, the whales and seals frolic playfully and the soft corals bloom in full radiance and colour.

Electrodive has been discovering, exploring and protecting a multitude of reefs in Mossel Bay over the last 19 years. Our roots were in 3 Rivers, Gauteng. Ken and Sue Walmsley relocated to Mossel Bay 19 years ago and immediately recognised the beauty of the underwater surrounds of the Bay and set up shop without a moment’s hesitation, establishing unparalleled commitment to adding to the development of recreational activities in the area through professional training, sport diving and underwater hockey.

Over the years, we’ve trained thousands of recreational SCUBA divers, Divemasters, Instructors and Underwater Hockey Players. We offer SCUBA diving courses from Open Water Diver right up to Instructor Trainer. We also offer shore entry and boat dive charters and have an unblemished record for safe diving. We offer private, small, medium and large classes, excellent tuition and flexibility, committed to training responsible divers who will continue to dive safely and with due care for the conservation of our environment.

About Absolutely Scuba


Snorkeling Fun: Great activity for company team buildings or children's parties. View up to 200 different marine species. Training and recognised snorkeling courses available on request.

Electrodive Social SCUBA Club: Come in store to enquire about the various Club Options to suit your needs!

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Ask Any of Our Team for Assistance
Career Development
Sport Diving & Tours
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Absolutely Scuba Services

Career Development

Courses from SSI, NAUI & CMAS

ECDP - Electrodive Career Development Programme - for school leavers

SCUBA Cadets - for scholars

NAUI - DAN accredited First Aid Courses

SSI React Right First Aid

O2 Provider Courses

Absolutely Scuba Services

Sport Diving & Tours

Recreational sport diving

Rubberduck diving charters

SCUBA & snorkelling guided tours

Absolutely Scuba Services

Absolutely Scuba Shop

SCUBA diving equipment sales, rental & servicing

Air fills & cylinder testing

Agents for some of the top diving brands

Spearfishing equipment & spares

Absolutely Scuba

Contact Us

Leanne Walmsley coordinates the diving and course schedules – please do not hesitate to contact her via email on [email protected], alternately, via WhatsApp on +27 81 525 7322.